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Observed: 7th August 2012 By: Bekki Baker

I found this moth or butterfly last night at around 7.00pm. As you can see from the photo it had black and white upperwings and you can just about see the edges of its lower wings, which were red with black spots. Didn't get a great view of the underwings, but think they were quite a drab, nondescript brown (to blend with trees I guess). Looking at a very limited general wildlife id book, I would guess this is possibly a Garden Tiger Moth, but am really not sure.

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Thanks Chris, it certainly

Thanks Chris, it certainly seems like that to me having now had a look at some pics of Jersey Tigers. I was fairly confident it was a moth rather than a butterfly, but not 100%. It was so beautiful, really eye catching. I've never noticed one in my garden before but it could just be that I've never properly looked!

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One to savour

Yes a very beautiful moth of which there are many. I think moths are generally considered to be dull in colour but when you look harder there are some very striking one's indeed, this being one of the best.