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Sedge Warbler

Observed: 25th April 2010 By: SomersetWandererSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in Birds
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A lot easier to photograph than when in the reedbed!

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Brilliant, under-rated songsters

Good to know they're back down south - haven't seen or heard one this year, yet. One of my favourite birds - did you know that they are super mimics (I have heard 'sedgies' 'do': oystercatcher, redshank, yellow wagtail and common tern amongst others) and they have one of the most complex of all British birds' songs? I might be biased, spending four years studying them and their use of oilseed rape crops perhaps doesn't provide for the most balanced opinion on the subject.

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sedge songs

Definitely a very interesting and entertaining species. I did know they had a complex, non-repeting song, but wasn't aware of their mimicing ability. I was watching & listening to these at Titchfield Haven (between Southampton & Portsmouth) yesterday and working on some alliterative mnemonics to keep the songs in my memory - 'sedge warblers are scratchy', 'reed warblers repeat'. Hmmm...


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Last spring a Surlingham church marsh, I had a sedge warbler that routinely did 'blue tit' impressions.