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Discarded swallow egg ?

Observed: 7th August 2012 By: pkd35
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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This egg with what seems to be a very well developed chick was found on a concrete yard about 1 metre away from at least 8 active nests. Can I presume that it was discarded by its parents for not hatching or may there be another possibility ?

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Discarded Swallow egg

We have Swallows nesting in our stables, usually a couple of nests each year and we do notice the occasional egg or small dead chick on the floor. It may be that the Swallows just get it wrong every now and then taking off clumsily and knocking something out of the nest. I suspect but cannot definatly make the connection that it is more likely to happen if they have to fly off the nest suddenly to scold the Magpies that forage around the stables or perhaps a passing cat or people.