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Funnel web in my kitchen

Observed: 4th August 2012 By: baal
Spider in my Kitchen

This spider lives in a funnel web in my kitchen, 2cm long body. At night it will rush out 2ft to try & bite your toes. It will take a single ant, but 8 cause it to retreat. I haven't waited to find out if its bite is harmfull

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Domestica with plain legs?

Hi Mel46,
Domestica is looking likely
The EoL lists these pictures as Tegenaria Domestica
My spider is definately Mark Stevens' spider..
labled "unreviewed" differing from the other Domestica pictures as it has got plain colour legs, & round end abnomen. Are there differences in colouring in these spiders?

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Other Tegs

There are other Tegenaria species which live indoors e.g. T. saeva and T. gigantea

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If the estimated size is correct, then..

..this is more likey to be t.saeva/gigantea as t.domestica is a smaller species rarely being much bigger than 1cm body length.