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Observed: 3rd December 2011 By: bexamariebexamarie’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
3rd Dec
1st Jan
Best view of the underside
Image with stalk in

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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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reminds me of Gymnopilus

reminds me of Gymnopilus junonius but need to see stem and underside more clearly

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Added additional photo's

Hi mike,

Thanks for the potential Id, I have added 2 more photo's one shows the stalk and the other shows a bit of the underside.

The fungi were behind a fence so these were the best I could do.

Rebecca Richardson

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Humm, I am now wondering

Humm, I am now wondering about honey fungus but not really sure and can't rule out Kuehneromyces mutabilis. See what other people think.