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Slimy growth

Observed: 7th August 2012 By: orangehoof

Several patches of this at the edges of an old concrete path. Patches vary in size from about 5cm to 15cm across.
Have put in fungi and lichens group, but haven't got a clue really.

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N. commune is a cyanobacterium, not a true alga, but like algae, Nostoc is the photosynthetic partner in some lichens (eg Collema).

It should really go in Other Organisms, but I'm sure it can happily sit in Fungi & Lichens. After all, slime moulds creep in here too.


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Thanks so much for ID and

Thanks so much for ID and info. I've never seen anything like this before - it looked more like seaweed than anything else, but we are a long way from the sea!

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Group Shift

Origin 10th
It did, and I am amazed. I really did not think an expert Icon ID (as Fungi) could be overridden by the clever iSpot computer.
Nothing new as everyone knew what it was anyway.
There has been some recent activity related to Other Organisms in the new Test Site where I have a project to collect all the anomalous Bacteria posts. If they are actually of Bacteria then they should appear as Other Organisms NOT Plants (Algae) or Fungi.
PS (11th)
I have finished the current trawl of these. My IDs began to fail to alter the group and I cannot explain why. Many Likely banners are still with Fungi or Plants and some are with unformed ID panels - I suspect they will remain like this
What becomes apparent is that, in the process, I 'awarded' a number of first Icons to people and discovered that chrisbrooks has three, well deserved yet inactive, Other Organism Icons. That alone takes some explaining. A few others, like syonan, have two in the wings but this is common, as the second is waiting for a slightly higher score - mine stayed like that for weeks.
I am really keen to see more activity in Other Organisms, which surely should not be restricted to Bacteria
Two more things: Other Organisms will be pretty sorted in the new iSpot but very few 'unknowns' will stay there for long - but, for now, Bacteria is safe, as it will automatically trigger Other Organism but the three Dictionaries need serious overhauls
Algae has been a big issue but I think will remain in Plants - this might necessitate the addition of a Descriptive tag - Freshwater Alga or Terrestrial Alga or the already familiar >>Marine Alga<< klik?.
All seaweeds are likely to remain in plants I think, despite the taxonomy issues.