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Slimy growth

Observed: 7th August 2012 By: orangehoof

Several patches of this at the edges of an old concrete path. Patches vary in size from about 5cm to 15cm across.
Have put in fungi and lichens group, but haven't got a clue really.


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N. commune is a cyanobacterium, not a true alga, but like algae, Nostoc is the photosynthetic partner in some lichens (eg Collema).

It should really go in Other Organisms, but I'm sure it can happily sit in Fungi & Lichens. After all, slime moulds creep in here too.


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Thanks so much for ID and

Thanks so much for ID and info. I've never seen anything like this before - it looked more like seaweed than anything else, but we are a long way from the sea!