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Male mallard eclipse or juvenile

Observed: 2nd August 2012 By: EstherREstherR’s reputation in BirdsEstherR’s reputation in Birds
male mallard in eclipse plumage

Definitely a mallard. Pretty sure it's a male due to the yellow beak and green head feathers just in eclipse plumage. I suppose it could be a juvenile but there were lots of young and most were still noticeably smaller than the adults and he was quite big.

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Definitely an adult male in eclipse. I have 50+ on my local patch and it is interesting to note the different stages between them; some have completed their moult and are flying again whilst others are still grounded. (if I knew how to do it, I would offer you a link to my post of a few days ago (Mallards - showing regrowth of feathers) (I can actually see the picture now on the carousel as I type!)



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Thanks I found your picture,

Thanks I found your picture, I find it fascinating they look so different while doing this.