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_MG_2955 inocybe

Observed: 4th August 2012 By: miked
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in beech woodland seemed to be on rotted hazel stump but that could be coincidence as was growing on ground.


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nice find

I have only ever seen these in books and a good fungi wed site,it says they are infrequent or rare.


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Actually I am far from

Actually I am far from confident of this ID, it looks a bit small and the cap is not typical of an Inocybe. There are some little lepiota like things that look a bit like this too and there may be other genera that I've not thought of such as phaeomarasmius erinaceus. The general aspect was of a tiny honey fungus or Pholiota but not sure there are any of these of suitable size.

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An ID via the new Collins

An ID via the new Collins guide to fungi!! The picture in the book looks rather like this species but the description is off putting because the sticking up bits on the cap and stem the book says are 'warts' however I would not describe them like this, they are more sort of hairy clumps, there are also a few other bits of the description that don't quite match such as the colour of the gills/flesh but not too bad. Anyway have now looked at a number of images of this species and they all look rather like my observation so am going with it.