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_MG_2950 unknown fungi

Observed: 4th August 2012 By: miked
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What is this then, looks a bit like death cap but no volva, also a bit like a russula but not sure there is any russula that looks quite like this with the green stem.
Its the same place where I found the ground covered with fungi a few years ago:
and did not put the exact location for fear of fungi hunters damaging the area. well other peopel are damaging the area anyway - trail bikers and people throwing rubbish (bottles, cans, food wrappers) all over the area so a few mushroom hunters are unlikely to cause more damage. Big shame that the area has such rubbish all over the place in the national park and right by a scout camp.


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saddens me

It really saddens me that people can be so disrespectful.I have just ordered a new book that's come out on the genus Amanita your right it does look like the death cap but as you said has no ring and I cannot think of anything else.I will scan the book when it arrives and see if it can be anything else.I wonder if the scout camp could do a clean up and get a badge for it people just don't seem to care,it's all sorts to I have picked rubbish up on the track were I live and hikers have dropped it as my track to the house is private but on a public footpath.


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I've been visiting lake

I've been visiting lake district for over 30 years and on this visit I really noticed the rubbish everywhere. In central LD it had been cleared into bags perhaps by rangers or volunteers but in the western area it was in the woods, some of it had been there for many years but the majority was very recent. when I used to go walking there everyone had their own water bottle but now people just get cans or those plastic bottles of water with sports cap and just throw it away half way along walk.

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Have agreed with Tricholoma

Have agreed with Tricholoma sejunctum as it does look rather like it. There still may be other possibilities though.
By the way have you seen the new collins fungi guide, had a quick look today and will order a copy, will start a note on it in the forum as it might be one of the main books people get.

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I have seen it in Waterstones

I have seen it in Waterstones and read a few critiques of it. I think some people were expecting too much. There are plenty of mistakes but it does look a good general book for home use.