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Blue-tailed damselfly

Observed: 4th August 2012 By: jocelyn mjocelyn m’s reputation in Invertebratesjocelyn m’s reputation in Invertebratesjocelyn m’s reputation in Invertebrates
Blue-tailed damselfly

Found by a large pond in an good-sized area of heathland. There are lots of damselflies and dragonflies here.

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I think you have a fairly mature male here.

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Blue-tailed damsel

Gosh, that was quick!

My book seemed to imply that they started off green and then went blue but I guess that's not the case. Thanks - I hope you can tell me about the next one!

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I would say that this one does seem to have a little maturing to do.
When fully mature the thorax colour matches the blue towards the end of the abdomen and on the spots on the head.