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Is this a pheasant?

Observed: 24th April 2010 By: PhilPhil’s reputation in Birds
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Yes it is!

Red face, green wings and long speckled tail. Definitely a pheasant.

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Thank you for that, but I have never seen a pheasant with that transluscent turquoisey green over all its body.
Does it have a particular name?


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Pheasant ancestry in the UK

The colours and patterns of pheasants in the UK are extremely variable. Partly due to them being descended from a variety of races of P. colchicus, partly because game-farmers and rearers sometimes choose to produce particular colours to rear - they will select parent stock of particular colour or pattern. One very large game farm in the UK also produces crosses using Japanese green pheasants - P. versicolor which produces birds that are predominantly bottle-green.

Your bird is a partial melanistic mutant in all probability.

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Definately not a Lady Amherst

The bird is just a standard game pheasant - Phasianus colchicus.