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iSpot loading very slowly?

I have noticed in the past three days that iSpot is loading much more slowly than previously, both on my PC and Android phone. Is this happening to all or only me? If only me, it would be down to my broadband or Wi-Fi, so I'm keen to know! Thanks.



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Not just you. Several others have reported it under the 'Report a problem' forum, including me.


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Re sloooow....

Thanks, and Oops! Didn't spot (ispotnot) the Report a Problem forum ;-)

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A problem

There seems to be a general problem at the moment. General experience is that team iSpot are very zippy at fixing this sort of thing so I'd expect it to be remedied in the next week.

David Howdon

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Hope it's soon

I hope it is soon as I have not bothered to put much on plus it takes ages to have your id on something accepted and the same if you agree on something too.


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How quickly we take for granted -

the minor miracle that is t'internet! I, too, have been muttering into my beard (not metaphorically, in my case!) about the slow speed of the site recently.
It' hard to remember a time when we couldn't just click a mouse button and discover all sorts of stuff we didn't know about. When we can't, we soon become frustrated.
Having thought about this, I now have some sympathy with a much younger work colleague who can't watch period dramas or read some of the classic books. To her it makes no sense when the hero/heroine can't just whip out a smart phone and call for help, or google for an answer!
I remember, back around 1970, showing an uncle my new calculator (much bigger than a modern mobile, and with the computing power of an ant). He was a well-educated man, but the concept was beyond him. I fear I'm becoming him these days...

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Seems to be working okay again, now.


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