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Can you tell me what type this bee (?) is please?

Observed: 3rd August 2012 By: gilli

I saw what I thought to be an unusual bumblebee on the Japonica in my mixed hedge. The 'bee' is approximately 2cm long,its thorax is shiny and beetle-like but its abdomen is hairy and striped like a bumblebee. The head and eyes are ginger brown. The colouring in the photo taken on my mobile is accurate, as I remember it. Any help in identification would be much appreciated, thank you.

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Wow, thank you for for such a

Wow, thank you for for such a speedy ID. It was quicker than uploading the photo! The hoverflies I know are much smaller. I didn't realise there were large varieties and have not knowingly seen one before. Thanks for the information!