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Unknown bird

Observed: 1st August 2012 By: Lucyanna321
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Saw this bird and was unsure what it was as it was roughly the size of a greenfinch. Looks a bit like a sparrow but was too big for that. The black marking on the chest and its colour made me get out my camera.

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Hiya. Did you hear the bird

Hiya. Did you hear the bird calling? It looks like a reed bunting but I can't be sure. :)

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Unknown bird

Hi. It was silent and I only noticed it because the door was open so I got my camera and took its photo. Was hoping to get a closer one when it flew off. Have not seen it again as yet but reckon as has been said that it was a big sparrow. Will check out reed bunting though,

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Greenfinches and House Sparrows are the same size, so it will be a Spadger!


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Thankyou. I think you are right. We have a lot of sparrows here but they are a lot smaller. I haven't heard them called Spadgers since I was little when my neighbour used to call them that, it made me laugh. Wikipedia states that they can grow up to 6ins and this one was about that. It was its size that confused me.

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That's a new one on me too. When I was young - in Central Scotland, we called them 'Spyuggs' (but I've no idea if that's how to spell it, or, indeed, if the word was ever used in written form!