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Observed: 29th July 2012 By: DavidHowdon
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What dug this?

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Not sure?

I'm not sure on this one. The droppings look suspiciously like a domestic dog, There appears to be no 'tail' on the droppings, though that depends on what it has eaten. Also I can not discern any animal remains; unless the fox has been eating berries in autumn (very distinctive purple droppings) there is usually signs of fur, feathers etc.

The hole, though well used once, looks to be a little overgrown now, were there any signs of rat? There would be elongated droppings around.

Graham Banwell

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Other droppings

No sign of rat droppings. The hole is comparatively fresh, it is on my butterfly transect route and was not there the previous week.

Do is always possible although the site is locked and no dogs are allowed so less likely than it would be in some places.