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Not known flower

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Species with which Common Milkwort (Polygala vulgaris) interacts


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Great photos - I've tried and failed!

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why this and not Polygala serpyllifolia?

I was trying to key this out in Stace, and it seemed that I needed a view of the lower leaves to distinguish the two.

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Polygala species

I can only see alternate leaves in the photos, P. serpyllifolia has opposite lower leaves - they may be there! Is it an acid site?

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Bishop Middleham Quarry

I've just checked and it's limestone so very unlikely to be Heath Milkwort, which prefers acid conditions.

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More on Bishop Middleham Quarry

BSBI report also confirms Polygala vulgaris - see this excellent link

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My favourite local site -

Despite occasional, unsavoury activities occurring in the woodland near the SW entrance.
The Yellowhammers here appear learned in the ways of photography, and love to pose at the extreme limit of my equipment's capabilities.