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Possible Heath Bedstraw

Observed: 22nd July 2012 By: Cardiff Boy 2Cardiff Boy 2’s reputation in PlantsCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in PlantsCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in Plants
Possible Heath Bedstraw

Chalk hill

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Yes it's dropwort

Actualy, I was told that when I took the picture, but forgot as there was some bedstraw in same area. The pink backs of the smaller unopened flowers are a good clue, I suppose.

I'd change my original id but people get annoyed if you do that on ispot so I must leave my mistake on show for eternity.

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Never a mistake - always a step forward in the book of Knowledge :-) Think of it as a curve of learning Paul (and have Fun!!)

Best Wishes


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WLR: Agreed

I was being slightly tongue in cheek with my comment, but thanks for the encouragemnt.

I only post stuff here where I need some help or a short cut to learning, usually from outside my S Wales area. If it's in S wales, I generally ask the local record centre (SEWBReC) as they will get all te records at year-end, and helping id is part of my data exchange agreement with them. Still, they have some areas they are stronger at than others as well, of course.

I am on a long journey of extending my id from my core base of birds (fairly good) through other taxon groups - plant id is quite new to me, so lots to learn.

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I'd say it is OK to change the title of your observation for clarity. You cannot alter the ID anyway.


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Chganging title of observation

circuta58: I did that on one of my early ispot submissions and got a telling off....

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I can recall plenty of changes to the title ID and it reduces confusion. Who did the telling off?


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Title changes

@circuta58 - forget details, but theer was a sharp comment (I actually complained about it); the theme was you mustn't suggest that you knew all along or it makes the ids and responses look strange.

I think I had initially changed both titles and my own id once I was happy with the suggestions, and I understand now that changing id is the wrong process, so *maybe* I'd understood the comment applied to changing titles as well, when it only referred to the id change.

Happy to change titles in future if that's accepted etiquette, I'm not going back over all my obs.