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Possible Dark Mullein

Observed: 22nd July 2012 By: Cardiff Boy 2Cardiff Boy 2’s reputation in PlantsCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in PlantsCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in Plants
Possible Dark Mullein
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ID Comment

Don't forget to add a scientific name by pressing "get recommended" when inputting a common name.

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Get recommended...

Thanks Chris.

Ispot has been so incredibly slow and frustrating this weekend - taking minutes to action anything, often failing to retrieve simple common names or locations previously used etc, locking altogether, that I forgot on this occasion.

Frankly, why the user must jump through these hoops, I don't know - surely selecting either scientific or common names should just complete the other, or ask you if you would like to replace the other name with the recommended version. The user interface still leaves a lot to be desired, but i persevere where I wnat an id suggested or confirmed.

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Glad to hear I am not the only one screaming in frustration at iSpot's slowness!


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Ah Thanks a relief - not just me either - even the Common garden Snail beat me too it !!!

Things must be bad to slow Chris down :-)

Thought I had a Virus

Best Wishes


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