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Likely ID conundrum

The case of
This was given a tentative (it's likely) id of sea squirt by a top invertebrate expert [& oddly agreed by an anonymous spotter with no profile]. I (only 3 gongs) gave an I am sure ID (based on an identical photo in glaucus & having seen them myself) to which the expert added his I agree. (as he commented, thinking it would swing the ID). Yet the likely ID remains sea squirt. IE 2 id's, both agree on 2nd & neither on the 1st.



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I agree this is an odd thing

I agree this is an odd thing for a couple of reasons. I wonder if the 'anonymous spotter' factor is relevant - never seen that one before.

One gentle correction, though - I am not a 'top invertebrate expert' (nor any sort of expert as far as iSpot is concerned), especially where the more arcane marine stuff is concerned. I tend to come out in spots when someone calls me an 'expert'! An 'expert' is just someone who knows (or sometimes thinks he/she knows) more than you do. I know a fair bit about some groups of invertebrates, but there is no-one who is an expert on everything from flatworms to Giant Squid!



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Anonymous Spotter

I think an anonymous spotter may be someone who removed their account. So maybe the anonymous spotter in question had a high reputation in invertebrates.

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anonymous spotter

If that's so then why not leave their invertebrate reputation in (or maybe remove it as they'd be unable to respond to further identification).

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Apologies, Syrphus, but hope top invertebrate Ispotter will do?

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More oddness

Just to test it I went and agreed with your specific ID. The updates so that neither identity was shown as likely (I didn't think that was possible once the likely-ness threshold had been passed).

NB I've removed my agreement again since I'm not actually able to express a view on these organisms and was just testing.

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anonymous spotter

Masked Marvel is correct that "anonymous spotter" is what happens when someone decides to delete their iSpot account, and I think it is likely that his explanation about the anonymous person's reputation having been high for invertebrates at the time of agreement is the correct one.

I will investigate further about the effect of agreements and so on from such deleted accounts; I agree that it would probably be ideal for the reputation symbols to remain visible, but I suspect there are technical reasons why this can't happen.

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