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Is this a young frog or a toad?

Observed: 3rd August 2012 By: stevenelawson
2012-08-03 13.28.11
2012-08-03 13.27.38

This little guy's skin was not particularly slimy, even though the heather-coated moorland he was on was very wet. He crawled, rather than hopped - and I know I probably shouldn't have picked him up, but I was very, very gentle and carefully released him into the long grass. I know next to nothing about amphibians but would like to know more. Many thanks.

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Frogs vs. toads

Probably the easiest way to separate frogs from toads is on their general appearance - frogs look quite smooth and shiny in comparison to the rough, warty skin of a toad. Toads also have what's called a parotoid gland, which appears as a lump behind their eye. If you'd like to know more about amphibians, a good website is the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust:

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Don't forget -

that jewel of an eye - quite different to frogs.