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Last couple of days iSpot seems to have been running rather slowly with large delays opening each page. Problem recurs on two computers and using both Firefox and Internet Explorer.



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Slow site

I agree - it's so slow as to be almost unusable. Other sites are OK. I get time outs a lot if I try to upload photos.

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I've had the same problem

I've had the same problem using both IE and Chrome on different computers. Is there some maintenance work going on at the moment to the site?

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Agree with above - tried to use site on a few occasions during 3rd August - even now, in the early hours of the morning, site is exceptionately slow and almost unusable. Never had this problem before. Using Chrome, all other internet sites and connections working as normal.

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I've been having the same

I've been having the same problem. I can just about use it on my laptop, but not on my phone.

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Me too

Painfully slow loading pages, but my other regular sites are fine. Try to load any Ispot page then go and make a cup of coffee - it might be on the screen when I return. Happens on two PCs.

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Me too

Yesterday and today -very slow.

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Glad it is not just me, then, as I was getting really fed up that it might be my new lap-top playing up.

It is VERY slow and rather frustrating.


My Flickr photos...


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I find it very slow too. This

I find it very slow too.
This also leads to odd things happening such as people uploading the same thing twice due to thinking the first had not worked.
I just managed to get agreement twice for the same entry (now removed)!

I expect this can be sorted out; August is holiday time.


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Another cup of tea

I'm so glad it's not an issue with my PC, broadband or wi-fi! I've been having this problem both on my PC and my phone and I'm in danger of wearing out my kettle ;-)

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Me, too

Finding it very slow on various platforms. Observations will not load at all today, but I can access the forums.

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Pleased it's not just me, but we have been finding it slow for days, most of last week in fact. Very slow the last time we tried to upload observations, slow to open observations and to give agreements.
When are we going to get some feedback from the iSpot staff?!

David J Trevan

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Seems a bit better now

but I'll wait until it is officially confirmed that it is working again before I spend time going through and trying to identify things.

David Howdon

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server problems

Apologies everyone, we had fairly major problems with the iSpot servers last weekend, and in combination with key people being on leave we weren't able to repair things until Monday afternoon. And then I've been slow to respond to this forum thread as well, so apologies for that also.

Hopefully iSpot is functioning normally again, and we are of course taking steps to ensure that this particular problem does not repeat itself.

Thanks for your patience.

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Thanks for the confirmation Martin. Good that it is back up - not sure how I coped with identifying things I found before iSpot existed.

David Howdon

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Very much improved

Thanks - faster than ever!

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All working well again

Thank you Martin, for sorting out the problems, I was feeling quite bereft! I guess that goes to show how good iSpot is :-)

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Thanks - it was surprising how much I missed having a quick browse during breaks!