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Hoverfly (Eristalis interruptus)

Observed: 27th July 2012 By: squirrelsquirrel’s reputation in Invertebratessquirrel’s reputation in Invertebratessquirrel’s reputation in Invertebratessquirrel’s reputation in Invertebrates
hoverfly (Eristalis interruptus)

guess males following a female

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Interesting pictures of behaviour.

I dare say you are right with the ID; but, as WLR says, you would at least need a description of the features you saw that got you to interruptus, to allow an agreement.


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no think WLR id safer, i just went with a similar id i had.


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Please dont be too put off I know its difficult getting the angles and shots esp being such small subjects I am sure some regulars can offer a few tips

1. Avoid shadows - the 3 crude dots nr the eyes Vertax detect a fleeting shaow as movement
2. Appraoch facing the sun if there is any
3. Watch out for any foilage that might alery the fly
4. Some point and shoots allow two levels of macro - sometimes if the camera has a high number of MGP detail can be trimmed out
5. Take as many shots a syou can working slowly toward the subject
Others might add to the post to help you

Its not just you even I have a large number of images and am sure others too, that would be hard to recieve a realistic nod

GoodLuck and above all enjoy

Best Wishes