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Wasn't confident about my last post. Am even less so with this one. The leaves remind me of a plant I used to grow in the garden (although the flowers were much larger. I think, if memory serves me they were Geums.

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Thanks for the ID

This is the first time I have come across a mallow (other than in the garden) so who better to point it out to me than Mr Mallow himself!

Kind regards


PS when I last looked you had 5 agreements - but 3 of them were by the same person! How does that work?

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3 agreements by one person

is presumably the result a bug in the coding of iSpot. I'd guess that due to a lag somewhere in the system the "I agree" didn't get changed on the users browser, and was clicked again (and again) - and the coding relied on the ability to offer agreement only being presented once to stop a person agreeing multiple times, rather than checking the user name against the list of agreements in the database.

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A bug in ispot?

Funnily enough, I had exactly the same problem this evening too. The 'I agree' button not responding, and I, too, found myself clicking it several times! I wonder if I have also agreed multiple times to some posts. I'll check - if I can remember which ones they were. I just assumed it was my laptop. It's been ridiculously slow all evening.

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Only just caught up with

Only just caught up with these comments after posting a new spot for Dwarf Mallow, so can explain why I appear to have agreed 3 times. Despite a new computer and living a mere 3 miles outside the M25, our speed is 0.5mbs so it takes about 15 minutes to download 1 spot if, as is usual, I have 3 or 4 photos. When agreeing a spot it sometimes takes for ever, also to go on to the next spot.
I understand that faster speeds have become available so hopefully in the future I can upgrade.
This is the first time I have known it to agree several times but have known it to remove my agreement if I hit the button at the wrong time.
Apologies to all but imagine my frustration!

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One final note, I have just

One final note, I have just removed my agreement and all three have been deleted, before agreeing again - this time it is working quite quickly!