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Observation identification


I use Ispot for identification purposes, and so far it has been brilliant.

I want to know the protocol. An observation is uploaded, with no a general title, 'say' Bird. Someone identifies it as 'say' a Puffin. Should the observer then update the Bird to be Puffin, or just leave it? So far I have been updating the identification from other experts identifications, and then answering the question "How certain are you?" as fairly certain, but I've only just found out.

Good site, Cheers, Camerart.



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I think that the protocol suggests that you should not enter the ID again, after someone else has identified an organism for you. All you need to do is to press 'I Agree' on their identification.

Glad you are enjoying the is incredible how quickly most things get identified, isn't it!


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You can edit your title to the correct one but as ophrys has said if an identification has been made all you do is press the button to agree.

Pleased your enjoying the site


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If ...

... you chose to change an observation title to reflect an identification, and I would suggest to do this in particular if the title is misleading in some way such as when the species is incorrectly identified in the original title, it is god practice to make a comment to say you have made the change.



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OK, Thanks all.

OK, Thanks all. My untidy garden has turned into a mini wild life park.