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Any ideas as to what this is

Observed: 30th July 2012 By: gareth w bruce
unknown plant

A woody shrub with toothed leaf margins. I saw this in woodland/waste land, with scattered patches of trees and ruderals. I only took 1 pic, and didn't take too close a look, as I thought I knew what it was.

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somewhere in Swansea

somewhere in Swansea

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the key character in Stace

is inflorescence a cylindrical to conical panicle, but the suckering (and non-arching) habit, and the narrower leaves allow identification of the aggregate even when not flowering.

I find identifying the individual species/hybrids harder - leaf indumentum and serration are the key characters, and picking the right branch for indumentum isn't easy - but I've managed to record 4 of them this year, with the aid of Poland.