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Muscid Fly (Muscidae)

Observed: 31st July 2012 By: hydrurgahydrurga’s reputation in Invertebrateshydrurga’s reputation in Invertebrates
Muscid Fly (Muscidae)
Muscid Fly (Muscidae)
Muscid Fly (Muscidae)
Muscid Fly (Muscidae)

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Make that a bottle of Irn Bru and you have a deal. Interesting to learn that the species is rare around these parts!

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Apparently the true house fly

Apparently the true house fly M. domestica is quite rare in Britain now, possibly because so much refuse is tied up in bin liners where the flies can't get at it. Musca autumnalis is much the commoner.

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That is certainly my

That is certainly my experience in the north. HBRG has been on 'housefly alert' for the past 5y or so, and we have turned up precisely none. My two Scottish ones were just S of Highland on Lismore. I have also found it twice at my in-laws place in N Yorkshire.

Maybe someone should stick it on an RDB or BAP list (you can just imagine the media reaction to that!).



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