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"Like" button for photos and/or comments?

The superb Chaffinches recently posted are a case in point, but whether or not I think I know what the subject is; often I want to record the fact that I find photo, or the activity it shows (behaviour, f'rinstance), remarkable.
Rather than adding a separate comment along the lines of "great picture", could we have a link to click on to simply praise the photo?
In a similar manner, could the observer who added a post have a "thanks" link to note our appreciation of people who add or correct identifications?



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For Observations

Maybe the 'like' button should apply to the whole observation. It could be used to highlight particularly interesting observations of rarely encountered species, or unusual variations.

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Not a bad idea -

I should have added that the "Like" tag should be visible to all - either on the observation "front page", or perhaps as a filter option - so that people who might otherwise miss it (by filtering, for example) could see that there was an interesting post that would merit a look.
The "thanks" tag need only be visible to the person being thanked for the identification or comment.

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Like :)

Like :)

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But, but, but...

... it all contributes to make viewing and nagivating the site slower.

As an example, I have just gone through the Forums as usual, to check for anything new: this thread had a new comment added to it.

"Oh good!" I thought.

But when I opened the thread, and scrolled patiently all the way down, all I got was Eskling's smiley face.

Nothing personal against your smiley face, Eskling! But I already spend/waste enough time checking My Spot Changes, as there does not seem to be a way to make the filters work the way I want them to.

[Instead of only seeing the changes which I want (ie more comments) I get a notification when anyone Agrees with an Obs on which I have made a comment. But I don't "care" about additional agreements, I only want to see additional comments.]

I wonder if, in a similar way, what you are suggesting will just clutter up our viewing even further?

At present, I feel at perfect liberty to add the occasional comment about the beauty of a photo, or the very thorough presentation of an Obs, so I don't feel the need for a "like" button, which (to me) is far too close to FakeBleurk etc.

But it's interesting to read other comments on the subject.

Rachy Ramone

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Field Guides for Budding Botanists:

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My 'like'/smiley face was merely indicating agreement with Amadan's comment. I suppose I could have written something like 'I agree entirely with your comment' but it seemed appropriate to the topic to just say 'like'. I had already made comments under a similar but separate thread and also wanted to acknowledge (to Amadan) that I had read his/her comments.

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Pretty sure this has come up before.

My opinion - NO - not needed on iSpot - save all that for Facebook or Twitter.

Tachinid Recording Scheme

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Invite a friend? NO!

Goodness - see here

I agree with Matt - please do not put in Social Networking features.
If you like a post, a photo or a comment then say so (and why) in a comment.

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But an "exemplar"

Whereas I agree with not wanting "likes"

I should love an exemplar button, available only to Experts and Knowledgeable, to be available for exceptional sightings. These observations should then be elevated to the tops of listings of a species in the dictionary views.

Exemplars should be for exceptional details in photographs, showing diagnostic features; good descriptions and notes on morphology, ecology, behaviour or some other feature - the sort of thing that makes the observation worthy of notice to anyone interested in the species.

blast this preview: just SAVE it!!!

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Please, no more Buttons.
And exemplary remarks are not just for experts. If you are an expert and you consider a post an exemplar then say so, in a comment - please.
I am NO experts but I used the word exemplar last week, purely personally of course; see
It would be maddening to see Exemplar scores given blindly (you know, without saying WHY).
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comments wont work

We need a system that will use the exemplars to post at the top of lists of species viewed (e.g. in dictionary mode - ) - so that the most useful observations (in terms of pictures, content, key features, descriptions, etc.) show on top.