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Observed: 16th July 2012 By: georgebest
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This bird, I have never seen before. It came to my garden first on the 14th July 2012, then again and for the last time on the 16th.
I own two books one on British birds and one on European birds, it is not listed in either. Could someone pleas identify him (assumed) for me?

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I have several of these come to my garden.
I think it may also be the female as the male has a red face with black band, as I always see them in pairs.
they love niger seed and spend 10 to 15 mins feeding if not disturbed.
they also sing to each to each other
they are truly beautiful
cheers Ming

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Adult male and female Goldfinches both have the black and red faces. In fact, they are virtually impossible to tell apart without a close look. Only the juveniles have the brown back and head. When they moult out of their juvenile plumage, around September, they then look just like an adult.


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A very happy looking goldfinch hatched this year.

Jonathan Bye

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Similar to one -

I incorrectly posted as a juvenile goldfinch a while back.Hence my confidence in agreeing with this one!

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Re Goldfinch

Thank you all for your identification of my visitor.
I have now seen it in both of my books, it being a juvenile threw me. I mark all the visitors to my garden in my book. This is the first Goldfinch that I have ever seen, very rare in these parts, thank you.

May Almighty
God Bless You.
George Best