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I'm not great on common vs pygmy shrew but this one looks tricoloured from the side. Is the tail a bit long for a common shrew though?

Gill Sinclair
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I wouldnt have a clue myself

I wouldnt have a clue myself Gill. My ID is just a guess.


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Common shrew

Thanks for the ruler it makes ID much easier. At around 6cm the body length would be on the upper edge of the size for pygmy shrew but is about average for common shrew. The tail at 4cm is long but is too long for a pygmy shrew and is within the 75% of the body length rule for common shrews.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks for the confirmation

Thanks for the confirmation Graham. I just found another one on the road this evening, much smaller. Its not in great shape but I'll post it tomorrow, possibly a pygmy shrew.