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Red filaments on gorse

Observed: 11th July 2012 By: Croeso Haf
Red filaments on gorse

Seen on Gorse bushes in S. Devon, S. Cornwall & Brittany on coastal walks. Red filaments appear to be growing from the top of the gorse bush creating a hairy mat. Seen this year only, in small localised patches.

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Control of Dodder

Large area of gorse moorland burned recently in area of Hay Tor to control spread of this parasite.

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Dodder is much rarer than gorse, so why try to eliminate it? It is like shooting pandas to conserve bamboo. It is listed as vulnerable in the Red Data Book.


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:-) Are they couple species


Are they a couple species of Cuscuta Can we be sure it is this one ????? Presumably the Dodder may also be capitilising on some aspect of the burning event possibly weakening the plant ????


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Other Dodder

The other dodder grows on nettles and is much rarer.


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