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Leislers bat?

Observed: 30th July 2012 By: brillo

Undertook a bat survey at a mansion house last night with a fellow surveyor in North East Scotland. and were given this bat which they found on Sunday under a radiator in the drawing room. Assumed it was a Leislers but am wondering if it may be a Noctule. I cannot get the wings out to measure the wingspan but the forearm is 50mm and it weighs 20g, both of which are at the upper limit for Leislers It is a male with a long slim black penis. Any thoughts; its not often (never) that you come across these in northern scotland

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it looks to have the broad brown ears and distinctive mushroom-shaped tragus of a noctule but I'd want to see more pictures of the ears to be sure

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Leislers do tend to have that

Leislers do tend to have that roughled 'mane' around the shoulders and, like noctules, have a mushroom-tragus.