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Galinsoga leaf miner

Observed: 31st July 2012 By: Jonathan
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Galinsoga leaf miner2 1

Living in the leaves of Galinsoga quadriradiata
Note the puparia in each of the leaves.

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Chromatomyia cf. syngenesiae

The "cf" in the Bladmineers list is of significance here because of the problems of separating syngenesiae and horticola. Syngenesiae is said to be closely associated with Asteraceae (of which Galinsoga is a member), but there is a risk of a circular argument developing; i.e. the mine is in an "aster" therefore it must be syngenesiae, because people have recorded mines in "asters" as syngenesiae. Ukflymines has Chromatomyia 'atricornis' (auctt.!!!) for Galinsoga. Neither of the true species has been recorded from that plant genus in the UK yet so fame, glory and possibly a small fortune awaits the persons who breds out and id's the fly.

Robert Homan

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Thanks, Robert. Unfortunately

Thanks, Robert. Unfortunately the species dictionary does not have the cf in it, so I did put it in at first, but that was not recognized. So, you point is well taken.

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