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Unidentified Flying Insect

Observed: 31st July 2012 By: sharpjv
Melanostoma mellinum

I don't know if this is a bee,hornet,wasp or fly!

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Hover ID's

Hi Sharpy

The markinsg on Male and female are slightly different and the angle of the shot is also predominatly from the side whilst a great flight shot my safest ob would be to Genus you may well be right but it could still be a few other candidates frustrating I know but as I am sure other will say Top Front Back side face eyes and legs and nvever always posssible


Happy Snapping & Best Wishes


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Almost certainly a male Melanostoma mellinum, but WLR is can't be certain from the photo.


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It's good that you're happy with the ID as M. mellinum, but generally it's better to hedge your bets a bit, with these. To be as certain as you can be, you have to be sure that it is not one of the Platycheirus species (very similar) and that it is not M. scalare (or indeed anything else). A view from above, to judge the shape of the tergites would help.

Try and get different angles, next time! :)


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