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Over to someone else ...

After nearly two years I finish today as the Scottish Mentor. I hope someone else will soon be appointed to carry on the task of promoting iSpot in Scotland.

All naturalists in Scotland (and elsewhere) are welcome to visit the HBRG website and to use the resources there. The TRY! target species make a good way to get into recording and to expand wildlife horizons.

Good hunting!




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I hope this doen't mean you will be gone from iSpot, please continue to post on here; your comments are very useful, more than once you have made me look a little closer at an identification!

Good luck!

Graham Banwell

Visit the iSpot Yorkshire forum for information on events, issues and news relating to 'God's own country'

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What an interesting site...I really enjoy dipping in and seeing what is being found, even though I have not been up to Scotland much, the last couple of years. The list of links is really thorough, too. Keep up your good work with all that!


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hope you stay

I hope you still continue to use iSpot as your knowledge is invaluable and the site need's you


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C'com Murdo, Ian, and Sheila, (Graham too?) help get the Scottish Regional Forum underway. See my Sighting of the Month.
dj - Orkney