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Yellow alien

Observed: 30th July 2012 By: bobthebirderbobthebirder’s reputation in Plantsbobthebirder’s reputation in Plantsbobthebirder’s reputation in Plantsbobthebirder’s reputation in Plants

At the edge of a Forestry Commission path through a Dorset heath. May well have arrived with dumped rubbish as there were a few odd plants in the vicinity. Nearly a metre tall.
Seen on this week's iSpot Exploring Nature session. For details see

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I googled Hypochaeris

I googled Hypochaeris uniflora, and the images that come up don't seem to match.

It's not clear from the photographs - do the capitulae have disc florets as well as ligulate florets? If it does, it looks as if it could be something in tribe Inulae, but I'm not coming up with an exact match.

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Inulae tribe

I wondered about Inulae too. Could this be Elecampane (inula helenium) or are the leaves too small? Were the lower leaves bigger?

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