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Goose ?

Observed: 24th April 2010 By: dgspendgspen’s reputation in Birdsdgspen’s reputation in Birdsdgspen’s reputation in Birds
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Found this goose on campus, the only other geese are canada geese. I think but its only a guess that it may be a hybrid between a canada goose and a grey-lag goose

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Canada x Greylag/domestic goose

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thanks again

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Definatley not a white-front

Definatley not a white-front.
Definately a hybrid

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Not a White-Fronted Goose

I agree it's not a plain white-front and that it definetely has some Canada Goose and maybe White-Fronted Goose in it

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Whether hybrid or not, one of the major questions to answer is "what is likely, what is possible?".
In this case, where would a whitefront hybrid come from? Or more importantly, where would the whitefront parent come from?

Also bear inb mind, an anser-branta hybrid is highly likely to be sterile.