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Observed: 21st July 2012 By: lillashawlillashaw’s reputation in Plants

A type of mint - fairly strong smelling. Growing up through a patio.

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A daft question perhaps, but does it actually smell of mint (or of lemons)? Could it be Lemon Balm

Robert Homan

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Hi - yes it smells of mint

Hi - yes it smells of mint rather than lemon!

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Mint like plant

The foliage matches Melissa officinalis. I have this all over my garden where it pops up in quite unexpected places including between paving.Puzzled the smell is not of lemon which points to something else, do you have any photos of the flowers?

David J Trevan

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Doh - I checked and it does

Doh - I checked and it does smell of lemon. Oops! Have had mint growing there in previous years - that'll teach me not to check... Sorry!