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Great Tit

Observed: 30th July 2012 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in Birds
Great Tit
Great Tit (2)
Great Tit (3)
Great Tit (4)

I think this is a male as the black stripe seems to continue down between the legs but not sure if it is a mature or immature male as stripe is not that bold.

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Ths is a female. The stripe goes between the legs in both sexes, but in males it broadens out and is deep black, stretching more or less the full width between the legs. In females, it gradually fades away as it reaches the legs, so is just a rather thin, more indistinct line.


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Did not know that thought it was just the males but have noticed some with very broad deep black stripes it said in the book that the darker and deeper striped males were the more dominant ones but not sure if that is true.Will watch more closely at the stripe in future.