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Five or Six Spot Burnet ?

Observed: 30th July 2012 By: sgwarnogsgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebratessgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebratessgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebratessgwarnog’s reputation in Invertebrates

A second individual from the same spot - this one has a very different spot pattern, but still seemingly only five spots. An expert view would be appreciated. Update - I've added two further photos of the same individual from slightly different angles to help judge if the spot nearer the head is one spot or two. From the left it looks like it might be two, from the right it looks like one.

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ID comment

Image 2 shows the 6 spots.

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Six-spot and Five-spot together.

It seems the two individuals from adjacent plants in the same spot are different, one's been identified as a five-spot, one as a six spot. Is it usual to have the two in the same location?

Peter H

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Yes, they are not uncommonly found together.


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