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Daliha ?????

Observed: 31st July 2012 By: emperors gardenemperors garden’s reputation in Plants

these wierd looking pods were found growing on my Dahlia stems, can anyone help ??
grown from tubers one plant seemed to die then these pods appeared, is this normal
no flowers as yet but should be red

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Urban Gardens

Hi all, just a bit about myself
After watching the Sarah Raven programme and springwatch etc I realised I really should do something towards bee conservation and turn my garden into something more wildlife friendly, rather than the lawn and sterile decking area.
Our Garden is aprox 100ft long by 25 ft wide south facing and has sun nearly all day.
and we cant believe how much is happening in such a short period of time...by just doing the simple things
I now have a fully functioning Bee hive adopted by a colony of I belive to be Tree Bees, if anyone out there can help with...

Im growing all manner of flowers, most fom seed, but my favorites are my Lilys.

We have several varieties of birds that visit the feeding stations daily..will try get photos, we have also found frogs and grasshoppers and allmanner of insects we have never really seen before and we even have a fox that visits weekly.

we are really excited by all that is going on and are building on what we have already achieved, and any help from you guys out in wildlife land would be really appreciated.
Thanks for reading

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Are you sure this is a

Are you sure this is a Dahlia? The stems look those of a potato and the "blobs" could be tubers that have formed above ground. Dahlia stems should be straight and not subject to the type of branching shown here. A picture of the foliage would be useful.

Robert Homan

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Hi, have attached more photos,
the tubers were bought as a twin pack and planted in fresh compost, so dont understand how it could be potatoes ...
however the new photo shows a large tuber type at ground level and are all a black/purple colour with small shoots protruding
the other plant as you can see is very healthy

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The foliage in your new

The foliage in your new photos shows that you have a potato plant. The small tubers have probably resulted from the original tuber being planted quite close to the surface, as you would do with a dahlia. If there is room in the pot for more compost you might be able to get a crop of potatoes from the plant

Robert Homan

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dahlia/ potato plant

Hi Rob

I am really perplexed, and raises 2 important questions
1... where did this potato plant come from ??
2... whats happened to my Dahlia tubers ??

Have checked the Dahlia package..and it shows lovely red flowers over masses of green leaf foliage, and I planted in top quality compost from local garden centre.

there has been no flowers whatsoever on either plant and as you can see the other is healthy and shows no sign of these grape like buds,the other wilted and lost all its foliage, almost dead, then the pods appeared

will the healthy one have a crop of potatoes buried underneath ??

where is my Dahlia....????

Many thanks and bemused

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The healthy plant might have

The healthy plant might have a crop of potatoes, but the other one has an aerial crop which will go green and be thoroughly unsuitable for eating. No ideas as to your other 2 questions.

Robert Homan

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I had a dig about under the pod type stem and the new photo shows results...1 lovely spud 2 tiny ones and another 1...but this is somewhat damaged.
I have now removed this stem from pot.
IM truely amazed.
havent rummaged under healthy plants but I did see what appears to be a large potato in that area, didnt want to disturb too much so have left alone....for now
what should I do ??
there is no sign whatsoever of my dahlia tubers