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Beautiful Demoiselle

Observed: 26th July 2012 By: BruceHBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in Invertebrates
Beautiful Demoiselle (female)
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ID comment

Hi Bruce, thanks for e-mailing I hope my reply was useful.

I have a concern that this female is just too green for a Beautiful Demoiselle. By this time of year they should be quite bronze. If it is out of range for the Banded, could it be a Western? I'm not that familiar with the European species that do not frequent our shores. Regards Chris.

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C. virgo

I have got a photo I took round about the same time last year of a C. virgo female (with the ID confirmed on iSpot), and it is quite green in the abdomen, as is this one. So I am happy to stick with it.

The trouble is that females are so much harder to distinguish than males!

Thanks for your email - I have replied directly as it does not relate to this observation.


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Female demoiselles can be difficult to identify with certainty, even if you have a specimen in the hand (and the fact that some have been proven to hybridise - confirmed by DNA analysis - doesn't help!).

The false pterostigma on the wings tends to be further from the wing tip on Beautiful Demoiselle, and the wings are usually an orangey-brown colour, darkening with age, as opposed to the greener wing colour typically shown by Banded and Western Demoiselle.
Abdomen colour is not reliable, females of all three species are usually metallic green with variable degrees of bronze Female Western Demoiselles do seem to have more of a tendency to be obviously bronze toned towards the end of the abdomen than Banded Demoiselles, but this is not diagnostic.

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Thanks Roy for an excellent instruction on female demoiselle ID. I thought I had got over difficult IDs with featherlegs, but I now know much better! Your depth of knowledge is most impressive.