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Young brown Trout (Salmo trutta)

Observed: 26th July 2012 By: apm299
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Young brown Trout (Salmo trutta) 01

Swimming in the small Nant Llech river, amongst much larger fish.

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Hi Apm299, Are there species

Hi Apm299,

Are there species other than Salmo trutta present also? It seems to be a very young fish indeed, a 'fry' which could well be brown trout but could possibly be a wee salmon. Not easy to tell from the image that it isnt a juvenile of another species such as minnow or gudgeon?? This might explain why it hasnt been agreed so far.


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Salmo trutta

Hi Cathal,
To my inexperienced eye, there were only brown trout in the river, which were identified on a previous post. At about 12 inches, they were certainly the only fish of significant size in what is a short, narrow river punctuated by a series of minor falls. This photo was taken on one of the deeper levels, although there were some fish (which looked identical to the above picture) swimming around in very shallow pools. From photographs, the above fish looked like it could be young brown trout, but I am certainly not knowledgeable enough to say it with confidence.
I return there quite often and hope that future research and experience will make me better equipped for a more sure ID. Just lately though the weather has turned the water into a dirty brown soup.