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Just for fun

Observed: 26th July 2012 By: DavidHowdon
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Some small bits, and odd views, of an lepidopteran. Have a go at identifying it.
Well done Nature Girl getting the ID from the bits shown. I've now added a full picture.

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Species with which White-letter Hairstreak (Satyrium w-album) interacts


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A clue

I think we need a further clue please.

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I'll add an extra picture tommorrow

if no one has got it by then.

David Howdon

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Butterfly ?

Mmmm Great Post David More like em

We must be looking at a Butterfly ????????

I thought Chris might have got this one before me :-)


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Good Call

Well Done Nature Girl !!!!!! thats a good call .

Best Wishes


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Thanks :)

I did initially think 'moth' from the first photo, but the head looked butterfly-like. Not sure how much success I would have had if it had been a moth, but I like a challenge!


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I'll may occasionally add the odd one of these puzzles, not too many though as they are not really the purpose of iSpot.

I only added this one because I'd got the shot showing the head and thought it an interesting view to share and wanted to do so in a different way.

David Howdon

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Absolutely no reason why you shouldn't add more, they will still result in a correctly identified record in the end after all. If you can add how the clues could have resulted in a correct ID then everyone will learn something as well.

And of course this site is full of (unintentional) puzzles of this type anyway!

Bob Ford

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Well on this one I thought that the shot of the head would allow people to get it to a one of the Lycaenidae. Then from that the generally light brown colouration would probably eliminate most of the blues leaving Hairstreaks as the option.

Possibly from that the one showing the start of the white hairstreak line would help get to White-letter.

David Howdon