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Insect pupa

Observed: 28th July 2012 By: SheilaCurzonSheilaCurzon’s reputation in Plants
Two attached to a clematis flower with my index finger
One attached by silk to wood panel

Small brown insect pupa, I think. There are loads attached to a wooden arbor and all sorts of plants in my garden. We get them each year and they hang around for ages, never see them form or emerge from the pupa. They are attached by multiple silken threads, which can be quite long. See pic2.

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Try planting them and see what grows

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I had never imagined they could be seeds. I can't imagine anything which might produce this sort of seed in the vicinity.

However, I will try planting them and let you know if anything comes up.

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The long silky threads are a pappus, this functions like a parachute so that the seed can be blown some distance by the wind (like dandelion seeds), hence the plant which produced them may be some distance away.

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I recommend you edit this observation so it is in the plants category, then more botanists will look at it and hopefully you will get an identification

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Herb Robert seeds

I have since found that these are herb Robert seeds. This is a common plant in my garden. Thanks to all for the suggestions.