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Desert plants - Deverra triradiata

Observed: 16th June 2008 By: moshiramoshira’s reputation in Plants
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Umbelliferae - Apiaceae

  1. The branches, especially the lower branches of this plant are comparatively "straight" and hang down.
  2. The first photo shows flowers with female reproductive organs. Each flower has a pair of white filament like structures with red tips: these are the "styles", which emerge from the "stylopodium".
  3. The close-up shows both male and female reproductive organs. The stalks with the yellow tips are the male parts (filament with the yellow anthers). No female "styles" are visible on this specimen, only the red stylopodia.
  4. Compare also D. tortuosa.
    Photos taken in June 2007 and June 2008.

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I know nothing about desert plants I'm afraid, though Egypt is high on my list of must visit places.

Anyone any idea what the fly is?

Graham Banwell

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working on it

Hi Graham,

I am working on identifying several pollinators and galls, will post them whenever I can.

Egpyt is not far away :-)


moshira hassan