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Observed: 27th July 2012 By: seclynch

What did this? 2 piles of sawdust on stool & ground. One hole filled with sawdust in end of stool. Happened overnight. No change next morning (today), but tonight virtually all sawdust gone from ground and stool (no rain or wind), but new hole on top of stool. Holes c. 1cm x 0.5cm. What happened to the sawdust? Help please.

  • beetle or wasp?
    Confidence: It might be this.
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I suspect that -

the only way to know for sure is to put the stool - or at least the wooden part - in an enclosure, and wait! You would need to be patient, as the development could be slow.
There is also the possibility that a second, parasitic species has already attacked the original culprit.
As to what happened to the sawdust, I have no idea, I'm afraid. Rain or wind maybe?