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Warbler with fly

Observed: 11th June 2012 By: LiamAndJessLiamAndJess’s reputation in BirdsLiamAndJess’s reputation in BirdsLiamAndJess’s reputation in Birds

Warbler with fly which it took to it's nest nearby

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Flesh coloured legs & feet

Flesh coloured legs & feet rule out the other confusion species, Chiffchaff

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Well, they help the ID, anyway. I ringed about twenty of each, a couple of days ago, and the leg colour was very indeterminate on several of them. Primary projection (the amount the primaries project beyond the tertials) is the best way to tell them apart, and that is just about visible here. Willows are long distance migrants, so they have longer wings than the shorter distance migrant Chiffchaffs.


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