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Lily beetles

Observed: 14th June 2011 By: emperors gardenemperors garden’s reputation in Invertebratesemperors garden’s reputation in Invertebratesemperors garden’s reputation in Invertebrates

beautiful scarlet red beetles, obviously having a good time !!!, on my Lily plants

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ID comment

You were correct in your assumption that it was a Lily Beetle but your identification went awry somewhere.

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lilly beatle

thanks... im new to this are they harmful/ invasive as i grow alot of lillys

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I believe they are harmful to Lily's but I'm no authority on it, perhaps someone with more knowledge will add a comment.

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Urban Gardens

Hi all, just a bit about myself
After watching the Sarah Raven programme and springwatch etc I realised I really should do something towards bee conservation and turn my garden into something more wildlife friendly, rather than the lawn and sterile decking area.
Our Garden is aprox 100ft long by 25 ft wide south facing and has sun nearly all day.
and we cant believe how much is happening in such a short period of time...by just doing the simple things
I now have a fully functioning Bee hive adopted by a colony of I belive to be Tree Bees, if anyone out there can help with...

Im growing all manner of flowers, most fom seed, but my favorites are my Lilys.

We have several varieties of birds that visit the feeding stations daily..will try get photos, we have also found frogs and grasshoppers and allmanner of insects we have never really seen before and we even have a fox that visits weekly.

we are really excited by all that is going on and are building on what we have already achieved, and any help from you guys out in wildlife land would be really appreciated.
Thanks for reading