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Can anyone identify this caterpillar?

Observed: 28th July 2012 By: ToraluToralu’s reputation in InvertebratesToralu’s reputation in Invertebrates
2012-07-28 14.33.49
2012-07-28 14.33.58

Thin dark green caterpillar with a light brown head. Very fast and lively.

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I'm not sure what size it was

I'm not sure what size it was but I found it in a bowl of fruit from my garden. In the picture it is on some lettuce but as it showed no interest in it I decided to put it back outside so I never found out what it was, but thank you for your comment!

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Not sure I am going to get any further. If you can list the fruits that were in the bowl that might help track it down but I'd not guarantee it.

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peaches, blueberries and other berries I think. Thank you for commenting :)