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Mint Moth

Observed: 12th June 2012 By: hg938hg938’s reputation in Invertebrateshg938’s reputation in Invertebrateshg938’s reputation in Invertebrates
Mint Moth
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ID comment

In my opinion with this little orange on the wing I believe this to be P. aurata. There are specimens with much more orange which I agree can be confusing.

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Mint Moth

Not Doubting it Chris and most likely is but there is nothing in image ( and very good macro shot) that would suggest this on a definitive basis . As you say the degree of colouration is subject to variation and not in itself definite ,

I probably would have agreed if the confidence level was lower as we cant be sure

Yes Been there myself - it is a pain waiting for specimens to reveal all as a shot of this nature is more difficult to obtain and would say tha HG shot is a good macro in itself


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